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        Mr. Moran has a diverse background involving driving & vehicles. Because of his experiences, knowledge and insight ability, he is not your run of the mill instructor. He is a "Driving Instruction Specialist". Regarded as one of the top remaining Professional Driving Instructors' in the state of New Jersey.


        Early in his driving years, he was involved in competition & performance style driving and racing. As a result, he can teach his students how speed and car dynamics can affect a driver's control of his/her vehicle as well as the effects of speed on handling, braking and cornering.


         With more than a decade of over-the-road experience driving vehicles of varied size and in various weather conditions including hurricanes & blizzards, Mr. Moran provides diverse knowledge and skill in addition to road experience.

         Mr. Moran officially began his professional career in the field of driver instruction in early March 2006 as a Professional Driving Instructor with Top Driver Driving School, one of the largest Driving Schools in New Jersey at the time. While instructing for 16-year GDL and high school students, Mr. Moran continued to expand in driver education by successfully completing certification with Top Driver to provide classroom instructing of their 6-hr Defensive Driving Program.


          When Top Driver ventured into developing an Adaptive Driving Program, Mr. Moran was selected as 1 of 2 instructors from a field of 36 to be promoted to Adaptive Driving Instructor specializing in individual evaluations, instruction of adaptive devices relating to driving for physically challenged and disabled (MS/Spina-Bifida and Prosthetics etc.) students requiring specialized equipment.


          Shortly thereafter, Mr. Moran was a key individual for providing evaluations & retraining of Senior Drivers. He also assisted in developing a program focusing on Advanced Safety & Defensive Driving at a local level, in addition to instructing students who had Driving Fear, Anxiety and Phobia issues or were Developmentally Challenged (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Bipolar I and II).


           In 2007, Mr. Moran provided additional in-vehicle training on Advanced Driving Techniques & Safety, Special Visual Aids, New Born Safety as well as increasing Corporate Client Accounts.


           In 2008, Top Driver closed its New Jersey operation and Mr. Moran joined Precision Driving School which focused on conducting behind-the-wheel training (GDL) for students from the public as well as those attending Driver Education Programs in area high schools.


           Because of his experience and expertise, Mr. Moran undertook the responsibility for developing and providing a more broadened driver training curriculum for Precision Driving School, which included Manual Transmission and Developmental Disorders:


            • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) / Asperger’s Syndrome.

            • MID (Multiple Identity Disorder).

            • PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).

            • Cognitive, Spatial and Motor skill issues.


and various levels of driver evaluations, Au Pair, International & Senior Driver Training, Advanced Vehicle Control & Highway, Adverse Weather, and Multi-failure Retest Preparation.


          In 2010, Mr. Moran continued his education in Defensive Driver Improvement by successfully completing the 45-hr certification course offered by Dr. Phil Congilose at The New Jersey City University.


          In late 2011, Mr. Moran ended his affiliation with Precision Driving School. While taking time off from field instruction, Mr. Moran created and designed Driver Training & Advanced Safety programs and literature.


          In the fall of 2012, he aligned with a Driving School in Essex County to provide an expanded basic and advanced drivers' curriculum for teen & adult clientele of all levels. Additionally, he was helping the school expand their exposure to surrounding counties and High Schools by offering driver instructing at all levels of ability and while working under the driving school, continued to provide to individuals the specialized training he offered on his own. 



          December of 2018, he ended his affiliation with the driving school and expanded his services to work with doctors and physical therapist clients in need of specialized training as well as traveled to train individuals from other parts of the United States.


          He continued to expand his driving programs for Adults & International clientele as well as ongoing instructing for individuals with Developmental Disorders & various driving issues. When needed, he dedicates time to provide guest speaking to promote driver safety in a Corporate Environment and the Senior sector. When time allows, he holds driver workshops for various organizations. He continued to write and publish articles on specific topics from student and client feedback.

           In April of 2019, he realized there's still a growing need for a higher level of driving instruction than what is currently out there, so he opened his own Driving School in Roseland, NJ.  His driving course curriculum provides diverse driving instruction to individuals of all ages and skill levels to assist in improving their driving skills and knowledge. The programs also cover traffic laws throughout the lessons to help the students understand how their actions might be seen in the eyes of the law and to shed insight on how their actions can help avoid situations that can lead to an accident or appearance in traffic court. Mike also takes time to write blogs to share his wealth of knowledge to students and parents.

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