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Advanced Driving Programs

 Programs are designed to “Advance Your driving skill and awareness”. 

Programs offered in the following areas:

  • Safety vs Risk.

  • Steering & Control.

  • Braking & Cornering.

  • Parking.

  • Rear-end crash avoidance.

  • Hazard Recognition.

  • Merge & Yielding.

  • City, Highway & Traffic Driving.

  • Adverse Weather.


Highway driving and lane changing and merging

    Many drivers externalize after a crash as a means of protecting their self-esteem.


That’s to say they blame outside influences like the weather or the road condition for their misfortunes. 

One of the most important lessons that drivers can learn has to do with determining which techniques are appropriate for different types of weather or the situation they are about to face. Not every day on the road is going to be ideal.


You may experience snow, hail, rain and even severe weather patterns depending on the area of the country you live in. A driver needs to act quickly in these situations, not just for their own protection but for the safety of other drivers. 

Have you encountered mis-reading or judging a curve / bend in the road and found yourself in a panic trying to adjust the speed without losing control or proper positioning to avoid a collision?


    Are you confident in your abilities to make the right decision when dealing with poor weather and driving conditions while on the road or maintaining proper control when cornering to fast? 


As any experienced driver can attest, driving when roads are packed with snow or slick from ice is considerably different — and more difficult — than driving during dry, sunny conditions.

weather driving

    Drivers who externalize often make the same mistake many times. Example: "I've only had 2 crashes. It wasn't my fault the cars in front stopped suddenly".

    Advanced drivers internalize. They consider what they could have done differently that may prevent the same situation from happening to them again.

"Hazard Perception" is the new name for defensive driving.

    What it really means is your ability to recognize potential dangers and to implement appropriate actions prior to the situation becoming a real threat.

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