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International Driver Program

Driving in the United States after coming from another country can be challenging at best.


You may not be accustomed to driving on the right, with the steering wheel on the left.


Not only do you need to drive on the right, but also get used to controlling and operating the car with opposite hands (The foot pedals however remain the same as with right-hand drive cars).

driving instruction for consultants
driving instruction

Around 66% of the world's people live in a country where they drive on the right with only 34% driving on the left.


The program is designed for drivers from outside the United States who want to learn how to drive on America's streets and highways.


You may face a variety of driving and traffic situations and weather conditions you have never experienced before.


This programs aim is to explain and show the details of defensive driving techniques and improve certain driving skills and understanding of US rules of the road vs. abroad.


You will learn key elements to be aware of when driving in N.J. and be provided advice to help ensure your driving is as safe as possible for not only yourself, but other road users.

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