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Corporate / Fleet Program

For any organization with employees and/or foreign consultants on the roadway, the most dangerous part of the day for any employee is the time they spend in their vehicle.


In the U.S., each year a crash occurs every 5 seconds, property damage occurs every 7 seconds, an injury occurring every 10 seconds, and a motor vehicle fatality occurring every 12 minutes.


The development, implementation, enforcement, and monitoring of a strong driver safety program can protect an organization’s human and financial resources.

driver safety
corporate safety instruction

Such a program allows an organization to be proactive in controlling crash risks and is the first line of defense against the potentially staggering costs from motor vehicle crashes involving employees.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how safely you drive. You could be driving the speed limit and obeying all traffic rules and someone else can crash into you. 


Students learn the latest in Defensive Driving theory as well as participate in practical, hands-on, in-vehicle training that reinforces good driving habits and skills.

Students are given a professional driver assessment.


A lot that is covered in this program brings one's driving standards to a much higher level for the hazards and the busy roads of today and increase drivers’ awareness.

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