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Road Test Prep Lesson

So you feel you could use a little "brushing up" before your Road Test or your State re-testing?

Allow us to help you prepare the "RIGHT WAY" to pass the "FIRST TIME"

with our TURBO-prep!

Don't just search for a driving school near you for your road test.

Select one that will prepare you to PASS!

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We've been through this with well over 4,000+ previous students so let us help you succeed too!

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"My test was coming up and I was worried that I simply didn't have enough time to be prepared. Mike took this problem head-on and taught me everything I needed for the test, focusing especially on fixing the bad habits I already developed.

Thank you!

Mark Apinis- Montclair, NJ

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Jenny Wheeler- Livingston, NJ

"My test was a week away, and I barely practiced as Mike suggested during my initial training. I took 2 Turbo preps and what a relief. Had to parallel park twice, but 2nd try parked perfectly in two movements! Highly suggest his road test preps. Especially for parallel parking".

     The prep will provide you with detailed information and methods that work, so whether you're taking your 1st shot at the test or taking for a 2nd possibly 3rd time, you are going in well prepared.

     Many students have said it's helpful in giving them peace of mind towards calming the nerves or sharpening their skills & judgment going into the road test. You can read the full testimonials from the pictured students or more in-depth comments from students in regards to the road test prep under testimonials which there is a link when you get to the bottom of this page. 

Passed my road test, Mike. Thank you for making it much easier to deal with. By the way, the parallel parking went just like we practice it the last night we met. Thanks again for all your initial instructing and help preparing for the test.


"I realized as it got closer to my road test, my 1st instructor didn't give me proper training for my road test. I trained with a few others but needed a higher level of help to prepare me. Another instructor recommended Mike. What a difference in the instructing and knowledge from others.

Thank You Mike"!

Danielle Samake-Maplewood, NJ

"Passed my road test with Mike's road test prep. I didn't learn parallel parking or how the test grading would be with my 1st driving school I used for my 6-hrs. The instructions Mike gave made parking easy to understand and after a few attempts, better to perform".


Sean Lee-Livingston, NJ

Shannon Lee-Livingston, NJ

Our road test preps will greatly increase your chance of passing the road test by prepping you based on the individual facility in which you are taking your test.


  • You will be given tips (not short-cuts) for preparing you to better succeed. You will feel confident as you gain insight into the test and professional feedback about how you are doing.


  • You will be shown what not to do and review what you will need to do during your test.

     If you're a senior in need of re-qualification by the state or a  license holder from a foreign country that needs to pass the road test, we can prepare you too! 


Thanks, Mike for all your help and preparing me for the road test. I made it through. I passed.

Your a great coach.

Panigrahi-Summit, NJ

George Cartentier-Whippany, NJ

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.50.53 PM.png

"A BIG thanks to Mr. Moran for being such a wonderful trainer and helping me to gain confidence in every aspect of preparing for the road test a 3rd time. Experienced first hand his skill, knowledge, patience and passion to teach.

Pooja Muddana-Montvale, NJ


Thank you Mr. Moran for all your help to pass my driving test. You made me feel comfortable in the driver's seat and learning to drive the first time was made enjoyable. You are an amazing teacher and I see why you are highly regarded in my community,

  • For those students trained by us preparing to take the road test, sign-up for the 90 minute TURBO-prep and you're sure to pass the 1st time!

  • For all others getting ready for your road test, failed the road test or just want to be better prepared to pass it the 1st time out. Then the 90 minute Test Prep is for you!

  • Are you a Senior facing re-qualification by state order and nervous about taking the road test or struggling to perform with a passing grade? Don't just learn how to do things the road test way. Learn to do it right for the real world too.

"Than the 90 minute Road Test Prep is for you too"


     Many people are shown short-cuts by other instructors or individuals that didn’t work well or got very nervous because they don't know what to expect or don't have a real process to follow.


     Others take their driving test without sufficiently preparing, have not practiced enough, or have not practiced the right way.

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The road test itself can be nerve-racking and intimidating. But parallel parking the road test way can set your nerves into 'OVERDRIVE'. Get our help and start practicing now.

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