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Senior Drivers Program

Attention State reexamination individuals:

Are you preparing to face your state reexamination and required to take a road test?

By its self, its a stressful and nerve racking process that can be magnified by the  wrong preparation or hiring the wrong driving school to help you succeed.


My road test prep clinic is what you need to succeed. Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific need.

For non-state reexamination individuals:

  • Are you dealing with more stressful traffic?

  • Feeling less safe, just going to the store?

  • Experiencing problems at intersections gauging the speed of approaching vehicles?

  • Nervousness when trying to accelerate onto roadways and quickly adjust to the speed of traffic, or when making safe turns into the closest driving lane?


Older drivers can reduce their stress and chances of being involved in traffic crashes by taking a refresher course. 

Senior retesting, state exam

As we age, changes in our strength, mobility and flexibility; vision and scanning skills; and the speed at which we can process visual information make us less comfortable and less in control behind the wheel.

A form of consultation carried out on each driver to assess individual skills behind-the-wheel and in how one deals with various driving situations. Older drivers, especially after age 75, have a higher risk of being involved in a collision for every mile they drive. 

The rate of risk is slightly below that of drivers’ age 16-24 years old. Statistics indicate that older adults are safe drivers, with few citations for speeding, reckless driving or alcohol-related charges.

However, medical conditions, medication usage and reduced physical function can increase the risk of accidents and injury.

Professional driver evaluations performed.


If you just want a fair thorough assessment of your driving skills, then our Drivers Check-Up is for you.


What is a Drivers Check-Up:

    A Drivers Check-Up is a professional assessment of your driving skill. It’s an opportunity for you to have the way you drive checked in preparation of a state retesting or an individual who is concerned about recent changes in their driving habit.


    Prior to your lesson, we will discuss your individual circumstances and propose for the check-up. It can be conducted as an informal assessment drive or, if you prefer, more formally as a "mock road test".


    However you choose to have the lesson, we'll provide honest and fair feedback on your performance, highlighting any areas of concern and suggest any corrective training that may be of assistance.


    1st lesson is conducted in our vehicle to do the assessment which takes about 1-hour. Any additional lessons can be conducted in your vehicle unless issues exist that would force us to do part of the lesson in our vehicle and then convert instructing within yours.


Who is a check-up for?

These assessment sessions are ideal for individuals who:

  • A tendency to bump into objects when parking or performing maneuvers.

  • Are getting back behind the wheel following a debilitating illness or has mobility issues.

  • Want to make sure that they could still pass the road test if required to take 1.

  • Are concerned that their car control, observation, awareness and other driving standards are not as good as they should be.

  • Worry that they have picked up bad habits over the years.

  • Feel that they could benefit from a driver assessment.

  • Wish to accompany a permit driver and want to be certain that they don't pass on out-of-date or incorrect information to the new driver.

Afterwards, we will discuss and address improving skills, driving behavior, avoiding certain driving situations/driving environments, possible addition of after market or adaptive equipment and prepping for a state re-evaluation if required.

Based on your results and needs, we will go over which of the 3 programs offered best suits your needs if you want to brush up on your skills.

  1.   1-hour lesson plan.

  2.   3-hour driver survival.

  3.   Road test preparation if state retesting required.

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