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Experienced Driver and Refresher Program

Our philosophy is to explain the limitations all drivers can face in terms of skill failures, vehicle limits and human reactions. We will also enhance your skills & knowledge about the complexity of driving and the risks associated without creating overconfidence in new-found abilities.

advance driver instruction

There are various forms of driver risk assessment packages on the market that do not have to be completed anywhere near a real car or a real road. However, these do not assess real driver behavior and the degree of rational thinking under real–life stressful situations.

driver refesher

     Remember, a driver does not have to be a risk taker to be vulnerable or dangerous. Some of the most conscientious of drivers can be very high risk, often due to poor initial training.

     Paper or software based driver risk assessments cannot alone provide data about how a driver will read a bend in the road, how they will judge their following distance to the car ahead or provide information about their car control skills.

A key element covered is proper vehicle control and visual awareness. This is a bigger challenge than you might think.

    Using the new methods you learn will help you override the bad habits you've been using for years.

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