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Your Driver’s License

Is Just A Click Away with Shiftabove2!

I have the expertise to provide professional quality training for Teen-to-Senior drivers, AuPairs, International drivers or beginners just starting out.

Have years of instructing students with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Cognitive, Spatial, Motor skill issues and PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). Provided retraining of these students inadequately trained by others.

If your nervous or have special needs (Medical condition or disorder), I

specialize in these areas too. A Driver Skills Assessment (including for foreigners) or Rehabilitation Evaluations can also be provided by me.

My programs are designed to give you the education, hands-on experience and tools to become a safe, smarter driver.

I will design the lesson plans around your needs, strengths and deficiencies to provide a stress free, comfortable learning environment.

driving for disorder, physical disabilities, ADHA, aspergers, autism

Key skills and concepts will be presented numerous times during each lesson.

I have a diverse background involving driving & vehicles that goes further back then the start of my career in 2006 as a professional driving instructor that sets me apart from your average driving instructor.

Early in my driving years, I was involved in competition & performance style driving and racing. As a result, I can teach students how speed and car dynamics can affect a driver's control of his/her vehicle as well as the effects of speed on handling, braking and cornering.

Additionally, have more than a decade of over-the-road experience driving vehicles of varied size and in various weather conditions including hurricanes & blizzards, which provides diverse knowledge and skill in addition to road experience and the importance of traction control, space management and visual awareness.

Outside of providing instruction to High School and 16-year-old GDL students, instructed individuals in the following:

  •  Physically challenged and disabled (MS/CP, Spina-Bifida, Prosthetics)   students requiring specialized equipment.

  •  Instruction for Road Test preparation or Retesting

Teenage driving
how to pass the road test, driving school, road test preparation
  • Driver evaluations/training of Senior Drivers, Au Pairs and  International individuals.

  • Instructed individuals with Driving Fear, Anxiety and Phobis issues, Developmentally Challenged (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Bipolar I and II), Cognitive, Spatial and Motor skill issues, PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).​

  •  Adverse Weather Conditions.

  •  Advanced Highway and Vehicle Safety Control.
how to drive with autism, asperger, driving school NJ
  •  Advanced petal control for braking, acceleration and cornering.

  •  All types of parking needs (especially parallel parking).

how to parallel park, driving school NJ

Parallel Parking

How to parallel park, driving school NJ, how to park

Parallel Parking - Inside Curve 

  “You can't control the driving actions of others around you, but if you do your part and share your
    driving safety wisdom with those you care about, you make our roadways a safer, better place to be”.  
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